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Trend Versa TLSO SP
  • Trend Versa TLSO SP

    SKU: DCT-64

    The Trend Versa TLSO SP immobilizes and restricts mid and lower spine (T9- S1). Ideal for post-operative and post-injury recovery, the Trend Versa TLSO SP limits forward movement during the healing period. The dual shoulder strap configuration allows functional wear over and under the shoulder, increasing wearability and patient compliance.

    • PDAC Approved Codes

      • L0464
    • Key Features

      • Provides optimal motion restriction
      • Low profile design featuring Trend TX2 Breath Thru Mesh Belt and Trend TX2 Moisture Wicking Lining
      • Universal sizing system
      • Trend TX2 No Grip closure for patients with dexterity challenges
      • Quick-release buttons allow for consistent sizing and reapplication
    • Indications

      • All diagnoses requiring immobilization of the thoracic and lumbar spine
      • Post-surgical immobilization
      • Degenerative spinal fractures
    • Sizing Guide

      • Universal (XS-3XL); (22- 55”)
      • 10” Extender panel is available for patients needing an excess of 55”
    • Clinical Resources

      PDAC Letter

      Sizing Guide

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