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Trend Triumph Knee Brace

Trend Triumph Knee Brace

SKU: DCT-4552

The Trend Triumph Knee Brace is a double upright ligament orthosis that stabilizes and supports the knee and surrounding ACL, MCL, LCL, and PCL ligaments. The Trend Triumph Knee Brace frame, built of premium aerospace-grade aluminum, is light as air and incredibly strong, allowing patients to feel comfortable and confident while in motion or at rest.

  • PDAC Approved Codes

    • L1845
    • L1852
  • Key Features

    • Provides support to improve knee and ligament stability
    • Optimal prophylactic bracing application for athletes in high-risk sports to minimize the risk of knee injury.
    • Lightweight Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Frame
    • One-step closure system for a consistent and contoured fit
    • Adjustable range of motion hinge (0-25° extension and 0-90° flexion)
    • Trend TX2 Non-Slip Padding minimizes brace migration and rotation
  • Indications

    • Moderate to severe knee instability
    • Stabilization of ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL
    • Protection for surgical repairs and reconstruction
    • Conservative treatment of ligament damage or deficiency
    • Prophylactic bracing for athletic activities
  • Sizing Guide

    *Measurement to be taken 6” above the center of the patella

    • DCT-4552-SM-R (15.5- 18.5”)
    • DCT-4552-SM-L (15.5- 18.5”)
    • DCT-4552-M-R (18.5- 21”)
    • DCT-4552-M-L (18.5- 21”)
    • DCT-4552-L-R (21- 23.5”)
    • DCT-4552-L-L (21- 23.5”)
    • DCT-4552-XL-R (23.5- 26.5”)
    • DCT-4552-XL-L (23.5- 26.5”)
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