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Trend DynaWrap
  • Trend DynaWrap


    The Trend DynaWrap is an intermittent compression cold therapy unit that effectively reduces swelling, increases circulation, and reduces pain to improve patient outcomes. Ideal for post-operative and injury recovery, the Trend DynaWrap is a portable unit designed to relieve muscle and joint pain by utilizing intermittent compression and cold gel therapy. It is the perfect addition to current treatment protocols to maximize results. The Trend DynaWrap is available in the knee, back, foot/ankle, shoulder, and hip-tailored options.

    • Misc. Billing Code

      • E1399
    • Key Features

      • Built-in 2600mAH battery, portable to go, supports 8 hours of use
      • Up to 100mmHG Compression
      • Effective in reducing swelling and pain
      • 5 Pressure levels (20-100mmHG)
      • 12-Time Settings (10-120 minutes)
      • Complete certificates: FDA510K, CE
    • Indications

      • Post-injury and post-surgical rehabilitation
      • Strains and sprains
      • Soft tissue injuries
      • Pain management 
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