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Trend Soar Shoulder System

Trend Soar Shoulder System

SKU: DCT-3960

The Trend Soar Shoulder System is a universal and ambidextrous shoulder support designed to prevent anterior migration.  This brace is designed with breathable material to ensure optimal patient comfort.  The waist band is made of malleable alluminum material to help mold to every patients anatomy.  This is a great option for patients that require specific arm positioning follwing injury or post-op rcovery. 

  • PDAC Approved


  • Key Features

    Ambidextrous Design

    Breathable material

    Malleable alluminum

    Easily adjustable

  • Indications

    Frozen Shoulder
    Arthritis of the shoulder
    Median, ulnar, and radial neuropathy

  • Sizing


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