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Trend Abduction Shoulder Sling
  • Trend Abduction Shoulder Sling

    SKU: DCT-70ABD

    The Trend Abduction Shoulder Sling is an upper extremity orthosis that provides post-operative shoulder immobilization. The Trend Abduction Shoulder Sling features an adjustable platform that can be broken down or built up to provide maximum support and relief throughout all healing stages. TX2 Breathe Thru Mesh, quick-release buckles, anti-migration thumb rest, and padded neck strap increase wearability and patient comfort.

    • PDAC Approved Codes

      • L3670
    • Key Features

      • Provides post-operative and injury immobilization
      • Clinically tested to provide post-operative and injury support
      • Adjustable immobilization Platform
      • TX2 Breathe Thru Mesh Sling with padded neck support create a cool and comfortable healing environment
      • Dual quick-release buckles for simplified application
      • Anti-migration thumb rest
    • Indications

      • Post-operative
      • Shoulder injuries or instabilities
      • Arthroscopic repair
      • Capsular shifts
      • Glenohumeral dislocations and subluxation
    • Sizing Guide

      • DCT-3670 (Universal Size + Ambidextrous Design)
    • Clinical Resources

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